About me

I am a graphic designer with over sixteen years of experience. For the past three years I have worked at Storytelling — Lloyds Banking Group’s in-house content production studio — creating compelling visual content for projects commissioned by internal and external clients.
Before I moved to London for my current role, I worked at some of the most influential advertising agencies in Bilbao, Spain. And, as a freelancer, I collaborated with other creative studios across the globe. I also co-led Ladies, Wine & Design Bilbao — a global non-profit initiative with chapters in over 285 cities worldwide — running events for women in the creative industry.
I am a versatile designer who is passionate about inhabiting every aspect of my work — mapping out and exploring miniature worlds. My greatest strength, I believe, is having developed a particular brand of visual storytelling through which graphic design, illustration and calligraphy flow together, naturally and symbiotically.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Nerea for two years. During this time, I saw first-hand how talented, creative and hardworking she is. A keen professional and outstanding artist, Nerea's design work is second to none. She has a certain touch to all of her work, an "X-factor" that is hard to put your finger on, but this touch is what makes her work so special.

Seán McCormack, Director at Blue-Zoo Animation Studio / CEO at Box Room Animation

She was a joy to work with and is now the yardstick by which we will benchmark any graphic designers! Nerea's high level of professional skills and experience ensured that, from the start, she instinctively “got” what we wanted as well as knowing how to reflect our data and stats best. She brought a level of polish to the report, making it our most refined to date. She used her skill and experience to make real impact on this important social issue.

Debbie Forster, CEO at Tech Talent Charter

I am sure by now you are familiar with her work and have seen the versatility and high production value she offers. In every one of the projects, I have worked with her I have known Nerea to be extremely talented and resourceful, with great eye for detail. In each of them she has committed fully to the advantage of the project and has shown excellent communication and team working skills, making the final result a product of fruitful collaboration amongst professionals.

Rut Briones, Creative Director at Estudio Gheada

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